Guitar building courses

Have you ever wanted to build your own guitar? A guitar that has the looks and playability uniquely adapted to your wishes and preferences. An instrument like no other that really is part of you?

In my workshop I offer guitar building courses for acoustic and  electric guitars.  Groups are small so I can guaranty intens and personal guidance to assure your guitar will be a great instrument of stunning looks. During the build you will get great insights in the craft of Lutherie and a better understanding of what makes a good guitar.

Because not all guitars and students are made equal, it’s hard to say how many lessons you will need to finish your guitar. Therefor you can take as many lessons as you need or like and can start your building course at any given moment. All needed tools and materials will be provided as necessary.

Please contact me for more information on rates, available dates and to discus options on materials and designs.

0031-(0)6 42 33 84 35

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